More #pandora goodies for my #birthday ! Thankkkk youuuuuu @sswanson23 for spoiling me! ❤️😍😊😘 I loveeeeee it! #instahappy

Nawwwww feeling loved at work on my #birthday ❤️

OMG mum, dad & @lisacaot have definitely gone all out for my #21st #birthday it’s so #pretty I don’t even want to wear it in case I scratch it! 😘😍❤️ #spoilt #longines #myfirst

Thank you for all of the #amazing presents! (There’s two bottles of alcohol missing because I couldn’t stand looking at them sooo Lisa hid them LOL @martyho_ @hynoslyly )

Freshly painted #manicure…ready for my #birthday & @lisacaot being a creeper 💅👍
"so long luckless lover.."
"Forgiveness is not saying, “What you did to me is okay.” It is saying, “I’m not going to let what you did to me ruin my happiness forever.”"

Best feeling = full tank #satisfied #GoodDay

About right!

Best boyf! I’m sick and he surprises me with congee #hubbystats

#breakfast 😀
"You miss her? Then book a ticket on the next flight get on a fucking plane and fly to her. Jump on a bus and ride five, six, eleven hours to see her beautiful face. Hitch hike from the other side of the country, in the rain, sunshine and the hail. Take your Mom’s car and drive for three hours and bang on her door, until she wakes up shitty but happy to see you. Sneak onto a train and journey for two hours. If you miss her as much as you say, then you will find a way to get to her. Even if that means you’re broke for two months, or tired for a week. If she matters as much as you say, you’ll find a way."  - (via flightlessdove)

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"Let them miss you. Sometimes when you’re always available, they take you for granted because they think you’ll always stay."  -

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You forgive people simply because you want to keep them in your life.

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